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Free Harmonies Vocal Sample Pack

Harmony Hime Harmonies Vocal Sample Pack Free Taster pack for download. 100% royalty free

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Harmony Hime Harmonies Vocal Sample Pack offers a unique blend of haunting harmonies and delicate vocal textures, heavily inspired by the rich tapestry of traditional Japanese music. Elevate your beats and tracks with authentic vocal expressions that echo the grace and elegance of the Ancient East. Each meticulously crafted harmony sample captures the essence of traditional melodies, providing a captivating and emotive backdrop for your sonic creations. 

In this free pack, you’ll find 20 high quality and versatile harmonies vocal samples in 5 different BPMs and 5 different keys. It’s a perfect addition any genre – EDM, hip hop, trap, ambient, or world music, Harmony Hime invites you to infuse your soundscapes with the enchanting allure of Japanese musical tradition.

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