Anime Girl Japanese Voice Sample Pack | アニメ日本語ボイスサンプル

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Anime Girl Japanese Voice Sample Pack

  • Cute girl voice, Tsundere girl voice, Oneesan voice
  • 48kHz 24-bit samples, 100 files
  • 100% Royalty free for commercial use

Anime Girl Japanese Voice Sample Pack – Pro Version

Anime Voice Sample Pack


*Instrumentals used are for demo purposes only, not included in the vocal sample pack.*


Total file size: 119MB (1 downloadable zip files)
48kHz 24-bit samples
100 files in total, including

  • 25 Dry Cute girl Voice Tracks
  • 25 Wet Cute girl Voice Tracks
  • 15 Dry Tsundere girl Voice Tracks
  • 15 Wet Tsundere girl Voice Tracks
  • 10 Dry Oneesan Voice Tracks
  • 10 Wet Oneesan Voice Tracks

*100% Royalty free for commercial use*

About Anime Girl Japanese Voice Sample Pack

Anime Girl is an anime voice sample pack consisting of 3 different anime girl voices, brought to you by Yuuko Sings. These 3 voices are  cute girl (“kawaii”), tsundere girl, and sexy big sister (“oneesan”). They are all speaking the common phrases of Japanese anime – if you’re an anime lover, you would find them familiar. Think of the famous phrases and tones such as the flustered-after-being-teased “baka!” to the ultimate-sexy-phrase of “ara ara”, it’s very likely that your favourite anime phrase is included here,

The voice samples come in different lengths and in dry and wet versions, which makes them very versatile and useful for different intentions, be it an ear candy or a transition one shot. They can all be used across a wide range of genres such as EDM, kawaii future bass, hip hop, lofi, trap and pop etc. It’s totally up to the imagination of the producers and beat makers when it comes to the usage of these voice samples in their music – so, unleash your full creative power and see what happens! The only thing that’s for certain: if you’re looking for that anime juice to add to your beats, this Japanese voice sample pack is the perfect pack for your music library!

4 reviews for Anime Girl Japanese Voice Sample Pack | アニメ日本語ボイスサンプル

  1. Sophie K

    OMG Yuuko we need more of these! got the perfect waifu voice samples in this one

  2. Damiendroid


  3. kurekabeats

    Totally worth it. The tsundere vocals were super good!!

  4. BeatoMaestro

    As a big fan of Snail House I have to say this is so beautiful. Don’t ever stop making this i will support you!!!!

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