IMOUTO: Japanese Soft Vocal Sample Pack | いもうと日本語ボーカルサンプル

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IMOUTO: Japanese Soft Vocal Sample Pack

  • 3 BPMs (92BPM, 125BPM, 150BPM) 
  • 48kHz 24-bit samples,  files
  • 100% Royalty free for commercial use

IMOUTO: Japanese Vocal Sample Pack


IMOUTO: Japanese Vocal Sample Pack

*Instrumentals used are for demo purposes only, not included in the vocal sample pack.*


Total file size: ~4.3GB (1 downloadable zip file)
48kHz 24-bit samples | 702 files in total, including:

  • Full Song Acapella (dry + wet)
  • Vocal Hook (dry + wet)
  • Layered vocal hook (dry + wet)
  • Vocal Loop (dry + wet)
  • Layered vocal Loop (dry + wet)
  • Harmonies Loop (dry + wet)
  • Vocal Stacks (dry + wet)
  • One Shots [Adlibs, Shouts. Ear Candies] (dry + wet)

*100% Royalty free for commercial use*
Read more about royalty-free usage

About IMOUTO: Japanese Vocal Sample Pack

Introducing “IMOUTO”, a delightful vocal sample pack inspired by the endearing and innocent charm of “IMOUTO” – the Japanese word for younger sister. Dive into a world of tender vocals that evoke feelings of sweet and warmth.

This pack features a total of 702 vocal samples in 24-bit 48kHz format. Each sample is meticulously crafted to help you add depth and character to your soundscapes. If you’re seeking complete vocal arrangements, “IMOUTO” provides three full song acapellas, allowing you to easily incorporate fully formed vocals into your music. Whether you’re producing pop, EDM, lo-fi, or any other genre, these vocals seamlessly integrate into your compositions. The BPMs are 92BPM, 125BPM and 150BPM.

Featuring loopable vocal samples and one shots, including vocal hooks, layered vocal hooks, vocal phrases, layered vocal phrases, vocal doubles, vocal lead solo tracks harmonies stacks, and harmonies solo tracks. With these release-ready quality samples, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a music producer, sound designer or creator, simply drag and drop the vocal samples into your DAW, and let your creativity flow!

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