Japanese Rap with Melodic Hook



  1. Original Japanese Rap vocals (complete with double tracking)
  2. Original Japanese Rap Lyrics (complete with English translation and romaji)
  3. Up to 2 revisions (please refer to FAQ for acceptable revisions)
  4. 5 days delivery after payment has been confirmed
  5. Commercial usage

Write and perform original Japanese rap verses PLUS melodic hook for your song.

Japanese Rap with hook

What you’ll be providing:

1. Instrumental (.wav or .mp3 file)
2. Time stamp of where the rap will be taking place (.doc or .txt file)
(eg. 1:15 – 1:48 Verse 1, 2:03 – 2:36 Verse 2)

What you’ll get from the final delivery:

1. Original rap lyrics with English translation and Romaji (.doc file)
2. Original melodic hook
3. Individual clean vocal stems (.wav file, 48kHz, 24 bit depth )
4. Free 2 revisions (please refer to FAQ for acceptable revisions)
5. Commercial usage

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