JPOP 2 Japanese Vocal Sample Pack – Pro Version | 日本語ボーカルサンプル

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JPOP Japanese Vocal Sample Pack – Pro Version

  • 5 BPMs (120BPM, 130BPM, 150BPM, 170BPM, 180BPM)
  • 48kHz 24-bit samples, 300 files
  • 100% Royalty free for commercial use

JPOP 2 Japanese Vocal Sample Pack – Pro Version

Japanese Vocal Sample Pack


*Instrumentals used are for demo purposes only, not included in the vocal sample pack.*


Total file size: 699MB (1 downloadable zip files)
48kHz 24-bit samples | 300 files in total, including:

  • 5 Dry Hook
  • 5 Dry Layered Hook
  • 5 Wet Hook
  • 5 Wet Layered Hook
  • 40 Dry Vocal Loop
  • 40 Dry Layered Vocal Loop
  • 40 Wet Vocal Loop
  • 40 Wet Layered Vocal Loop
  • 10 Dry Harmonies Loop
  • 10 Wet Harmonies Loop
  • 15 Dry Adlibs
  • 15 Wet Adlibs
  • 15 Dry One Shot
  • 15 Wet One Shot
  • 20 Dry Loopable Vocal Chops
  • 20 Wet Loopable Vocal Chops
  • 5 Lyrics (with romaji and English translation)

(120BPM, 130BPM, 150BPM, 170BPM, 180BPM)

*100% Royalty free for commercial use*

About JPOP 2 Japanese Vocal Sample Pack

JPOP 2 is the second JPOP inspired pack by Yuuko Sings. This time inspirations were drawn from JPOP sensations including chart-topping duo YOASOBI, the two well-known vocal powerhouses yama and Ado, along with the eccentric ZUTOMAYO. Comes in 5 different BPMs (120BPM, 130BPM, 150BPM, 170BPM, 180BPM), this pack contains creatively-crafted melodies and play-on-words in the lyrics. It contains a huge variety of vocal samples – ranging from layered vocal loops, to vocal chops and adlibs – and they’re suitable for not only JPOP but other popular genres such as hip hop, trap and EDM. This is a must-have addition to your music library for your next upcoming sensational JPOP track.

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1 review for JPOP 2 Japanese Vocal Sample Pack – Pro Version | 日本語ボーカルサンプル

  1. viceversamusic

    I bought the JPOP pack last year and now adding this to my library – as a fan of YOASOBI I am just so happy to have found this pack because it suits the idea I have very well.

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