Original Japanese Lyrics (Full Song)

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  1. Original Japanese Lyrics (for a song of up to 5 minutes)
  2. Up to 2 revisions (please refer to FAQ for acceptable revisions)
  3. 3 days delivery after payment has been confirmed
  4. Commercial usage
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Write original Japanese lyrics for your song


What you’ll be providing:

1. Instrumental (.wav or .mp3 file)
2. Melody guide/Vocal guide (.wav or .mp3 file)

What you’ll get from the final delivery:

1. Original Japanese lyrics (2 verses and 1 chorus) with English translation and Romaji (.docx file)
2. Up to 2 revisions (please refer to FAQ for acceptable revisions)
3. Commercial usage

2 reviews for Original Japanese Lyrics (Full Song)

  1. tsubasadream

    I wasn’t sure whether to get this or the translated lyrics service, but Yuuko was very patient and explained in details about the differences for me, and I am so glad that in the end I chose this. Yuuko really delivers what I asked for and I am very pleased with the result. Highly recommended

  2. Minoru

    Yuuko is very patient in explaining and managed to exceed expectations. This original song is a challenge for me to record now. I really love the melody and adlibs she made too. Recommended! She makes bangers!

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