Spark Songstarters: English Female Vocal Sample Pack


Spark Songstarters: English Female Vocal Sample Pack

  • 5 BPMs, 8 keys
  • 48kHz 24-bit samples,  342 vocal loops (~1.2GB)
  • 100% Royalty free for commercial use

Spark Songstarters: English Female Vocal Sample Pack

Spark Songstarters: English Female Rap Vocal Sample Pack


*Instrumentals used are for demo purposes only, not included in the vocal sample pack.*


Total file size: 1.2GB (1 downloadable zip file)
48kHz 24-bit samples | 342 vocal loops in total, including:

  • Vocal chops (dry + wet)
  • Layered loops (dry + wet)
  • Altered pitches (dry + wet)
  • Harmonies (dry + wet)
  • EQ adjusted (dry + wet)

*100% Royalty free for commercial use*
Read more about royalty-free usage


Spark Songstarters: English Female Vocal Sample Pack

Introducing “Spark” – an English vocal sample pack designed to ignite your creativity and help you overcome writer’s block. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, “Spark” provides a diverse range of vocal samples to kickstart your musical projects. This pack features an array of professionally recorded vocals across five distinct BPMs: 120, 128, 135, 150, and 180, ensuring versatility for various genres and moods.

“Spark” is crafted to provide you with endless inspiration, offering vocals in eight different keys to seamlessly fit into any track. Each sample is meticulously curated to deliver unique melodies, catchy hooks, and emotive phrases, perfect for sparking new ideas and giving your music a fresh, dynamic edge.

With “Spark,” you can easily break through creative barriers and transform your musical ideas into reality. Whether you’re looking to create a high-energy dance track, a chill techno trance track, a hyper pop anthem or anything in between, this vocal sample pack has you covered. Elevate your music production with “Spark” and discover the perfect starting point for your next hit song or project. Embrace the creative journey and let “Spark” light the way to your next musical masterpiece.

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