WAIFU: Japanese Anime Girl Voice Sample Pack | ワイフ日本語アニメボイスサンプル

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Anime Starter Pack: Japanese Anime Voice Sample Pack

  • Voices included: Calm Girl, Cute Girl, Sexy Girl
  • 48kHz 24-bit samples, 36 files
  • 100% Royalty free for commercial use

WAIFU: Japanese Anime Girl Voice Sample Pack


WAIFU: Japanese Anime Girl Voice Sample Pack

*Instrumentals used are for demo purposes only, not included in the vocal sample pack.*


Total file size: 185MB (1 downloadable zip files)
48kHz 24-bit samples | 200 files in total, including

  • 24 Cheeky Girl Voice Samples (dry + wet)
  • 30 Cool Assassin Voice Samples (dry + wet)
  • 24 Cool Girl Voice Samples (dry + wet)
  • 42 Sexy Oneesan Voice Samples (dry + wet)
  • 32 Sweet Housewaifu Voice Samples (dry + wet)
  • 24 Tsundere Girl Voice Samples (dry + wet)
  • 24 Yandere Girl Voice Samples (dry + wet)

*100% Royalty free for commercial use*

About WAIFU: Japanese Anime Girl Voice Sample Pack

WAIFU: Japanese Anime Girl Voice Sample Pack is a meticulously crafted collection designed to elevate your creative projects with the enchanting and expressive voices of iconic anime female characters. This voice sample pack features 7 distinct voice types – Cheeky Girl voice, Cool Assassin voice, Cool Girl voice, Sexy Oneesan voice, Sweet Housewaifu voice, Tsundere Girl voice and Yandere Girl voice. With these authentic and emotive voice samples, you have complete control over the essence of beloved Japanese anime girls to your fingertips.

Immerse yourself in the world of WAIFU aesthetics as you explore this voice sample pack, from the whimsical and chaotic expressions to the tender and gentle phrases. Each voice sample is carefully curated, capturing the nuances and distinctive tones that define the endearing characters of the anime world.

If you’re a music producer seeking to enhance your tracks with a touch of anime magic, look no further! WAIFU delivers an unparalleled audio experience that blends authenticity and versatility seamlessly. These professionally recorded and mastered voice samples will provide you the charm and charisma of Japanese anime culture that you can simply infuse into your tracks with ease.

WAIFU: Japanese Anime Girl Voice Sample Pack will help you invite audiences with the captivating allure of anime into your artistic creations. Elevate your projects with the enchanting voice styles loved by millions worldwide. Give them the “Doki!” in their hearts when they hear your track with WAIFU magic!

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2 reviews for WAIFU: Japanese Anime Girl Voice Sample Pack | ワイフ日本語アニメボイスサンプル

  1. John

    A game-changer! You can tell these samples are real Japanese, my beats have never sounded more alive! Regards John from Edinburgh

  2. Sophie K

    UWU Yuuko you heard my prayers

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